3D Modeling Services For Furniture Manufacturer

Posted on : Mar 27, 2019

Since our inception in the year 2005, we have undertaken number of 3D modeling and rendering services in numerous verticals on behalf of our clients; one such application trending during recent years is the 3D modeling service for Furniture Industry or on behalf of Furniture Manufacturers to drive sales.One of the most effective and appealing ways a product manufacturer can showcase & present its product to the potential buyer is by making use of 3D modeling & realistic visualization approach, having said that we are not restricting ourselves to product or furniture designer but primarily product or furniture manufacturer. Apart from furniture manufacturer there are manufacturers for interior décor items, home furnishing, bath fittings, door and window manufacturers, manufacturer of lighting fixtures, garden furnishing and accessory design firms heavily relying on 3D modeling approach to showcase and present their products.

Some of the key benefits or primary reasons for using 3D modeling approach over using photographs of the said product to build a product library could be listed as – Firstly a 3D model would provide 360o degree view of the product which a 2D photograph won’t be able to provide; Secondly a 3D model provides higher interactivity to the user as compared to 2D photograph and Finally the most important benefit of all is that as the 3D model for building gets ready, 3D model for these products could be directly imported & used in the building model.

Today manufacturers and bank upon expertise of 3D modeling designers and service providers as they focus on their core competency of manufacturing business, as an Industry leader with more than a decade of experience in this industry we would like to share some of our best practices we follow for set of our esteemed clients. Firstly because of our healthy and long stable relationship our clients trust us a lot; this factor of trust we are able to gain over the years for numerous successful in time project completions also having worked for several years now we very much understand the kind or business our clients are and their requirements in a much better way. One of the key benefits our clients get because of our strong and historic relations is that we are always willing and ready to go out of the way to scale up our resources on priority at any point of time when our client are in need of the same.